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Our women in fitness series is a celebration of fly girls doing fly things. Meet Asha – she’s a yoga teacher and personal trainer who’s on mission to share the beautiful benefits of fitness to as many people as possible.

Asha’s story

I can’t even really pinpoint a time I ‘got into’ fitness. I was in every sport team going at school, and at college,  I focused my attention more seriously on heptathlons (I even competed against Jessica Ennis, she beat me obvs). Then, to becoming a trainer and discovering the empowering feeling lifting heavy brings, and now with exploring my softer side with yoga, health and fitness has always been in me.

I feel my best when I am active, eating and sleeping right and was drawn to personal training to help share and educate as many people as possible to do the same. I used to be very obsessed with aesthetics and being as lean as possible (old modelling mentality) but I think the real transformation in people comes from accepting and loving themselves where they are and taking the focus off how they look and creating new habits based on the desire to feel better, body, mind and spirit.

I think we all put so much pressure on ourselves to be perfect, to train everyday, to eat the perfect diet but it’s just not realistic. Focus on small, achievable changes that will stand the test of time and the results will come and more importantly they will stay. Anyone can make short term changes but what really matters is maintaining your gains when you reach your goal.

What’s next for me? My incredibly gifted friend Simone and I are collaborating to bring yoga and sound healing events to a the masses. I have enjoyed attending both yoga classes and sound healing sessions separately but I think there is something special to be experienced in combining them. We had our first one this summer but keep your eyes peeled on our insta pages for info on our next ones.

Asha’s fitness and health tips

Practice makes progress, forget perfect.

AshaAsha, Personal Trainer and Yoga Teacher

Follow Asha’s fitness journey on her Instagram @asha.melanie.

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