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Ready to boost your confidence, prioritise your wellness, and find your tribe?

Fly Girl Collective membership is now open for applications until July 31st - a great opportunity for those looking to join a supportive community to help you thrive and live well in London. Read on to learn how to apply.

Our membership


For those who are looking to dive deep into the Collective.This tier is perfect if you want to: 

  • Enjoy discounts on our exclusive merch
  • Connect with fellow members through a private group for additional support and advice
  • Enjoy free access to all seasonal run clubs and guest passes for taster sessions —great for bringing your homegirls along.
  • Gain exclusive and free entry to the new bi-monthly Connect & Grow sessions, social events, retreats and trips
  • Gain early access to workshops for holistic wellness
  • Seize opportunities for personal and leadership development
  • Play an active role in the FGC community
  • Benefit from exclusive partner discounts and early or discounted access to major race events






And here’s what Fly Girls get up to…

How to join

Step 1

Attend a taster

If you’ve never come along to a Fly Girl Run or a Mixer, check out our events to get a flavour of what being part of the Collective is all about. You should be comfortable running at least one mile for the run sessions.

Step 2

Apply for membership

Fill out our membership application to join the next season. Membership is limited, so only successful candidates will be contacted before the season kicks off. 

Step 3

Make it official

If accepted, you’ll pay the annual membership fee and officially become part of the Fly Girl Collective from September 2024. 


How much is membership?

Tier 1 is £125 annually and Tier 2 is £350 annually.

What is the membership fee used for?

As an independent, non-brand sponsored community, membership fees help to cover the essentials –including bag drop services, venue hire, merch production costs, utilities, digital and marketing services. 

What's required to become a Fly Girl member?

You’ve attended a Fly Girl run or event and you’ve completed our application form here.

Will there be additional costs incurred during my membership?

Membership fees may not cover certain events such as retreats, trips, special panel events or brunches. Members will be informed accordingly.

How long is a membership season?

Membership is now annual and on a rolling basis.

Tier 2 membership kicks off every September. However, members can give notice if they no longer want to proceed with their membership at the end of the 12 month period.

Can I pay my membership in instalments?

Yes, this will be a payment option if you are approved as a member.

Will I get personal fitness coaching as a member?

Membership does not provide personal, 1:1 training – but one of the great things about being a member is that you’ll join a community where you’ll receive support and encouragement from seasoned members.

Will I receive an event schedule as a member?

Yes – events are scheduled a year in advance to help you plan ahead! 

I don't identify as a black woman or woman of colour. Can I still join?

Fly Girl Collective is a community specifically for black women and women of colour. To understand our mission, please read our about us page

If I'm not a member or not quite ready for membership, can I still get involved?

Make sure you’re on our mailing list to learn about Fly Girl Collective’s open events for non-members. You can sign up here.