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Who we are

If Flo Jo gave birth to Destiny’s Child, you’d get Fly Girl Collective—a fun-loving community of black women and WOC from all sorts of backgrounds, professions, and nationalities. Our common thread is that we share a belief in the power of movement and sisterhood for our personal growth and development, helping us become the flyest versions of ourselves.

Why we’re here

Our mission is this: to create a safe wellness space for Black women and women of colour who love to stay active, and helping women discover their leadership potential in whatever we do. We’re also here to tackle health disparities caused by systemic barriers and the very real toll of racism and discrimination. Through movement and meaningful connections, we’re building resilience and getting stronger together, one stride at a time.

How we roll

Every year, we’ve got a lineup of activities, meetups, and events just for us. From seasonal run clubs to keep our fitness game strong to the new ‘Connect and Grow’ sessions that offers group life and wellness coaching. And of course, no Fly Girl schedule is complete without socials, events, and a retreat to help us unplug and enjoy new pursuit together.

Our Run Leaders

Matilda Egere-Cooper

Fly Girl Collective Founder, Run Leader and Podcast Host

Matilda is an award-winning journalist, Editorial Director and fitness lover who took up long-distance running in 2011. Originally from Texas, she’s completed more than 40 race events, including 15 half marathons, five marathons, an ultra marathon, Tough Mudder, a sprint triathlon and the Ride London 100 mile bike ride. In September 2022, she launched The Finesse Your Wellness podcast to inspire women to prioritise their wellbeing. Her bucket list includes running New York Marathon and – maybe – an Ironman.

Favourite Fly Girl moment 

Too many! In 2019, we did this epic photoshoot with Stylist magazine where we got dolled up and dressed in the flyest gear to mark the issue’s anniversary. It was such a dope day for representation and flying the Fly Girl flag.  Since then, every time I’ve cheered on a Fly Girl at a race has been quite heartwarming, and this has motivated me to keep the community going. 

Your workout tunes

It changes like the weather so it might be between Gorilla by Little Simz, Lecrae’s Any Attack or De La Soul’s Me, Myself and I . They’re all solid bops that put me in a good mood.


Run Leader

Janice is an innovation consultant from Paris who’s been rolling with the Collective since 2021. She made her marathon debut in London in 2024. 

Favourite Fly Girl moments

There are a few. I think my very first run with Fly Girl in 2021 is one of them. We met in Borough and l had no idea what to expect. We ran around London,  near the Thames and it was quite fun. l met a girl who commuted all the way from Birmingham to join that run. She told me how amazing the community and membership are. I thought to myself this must really be something special for her to come all the way down from Birmingham on a Saturday morning 😅

Then, the time we did a medal ceremony after some of us ran a 10K. It felt very special because l joined Fly Girl in the hope of making new friends in a new city and next thing you know, l found myself challenging my beliefs and getting way out of my comfort zone. I had never run that far before. And l managed to do this only because l had been supported and celebrated for who l am! And of course – the first time after l qualified as a leader in running fitness and l was able to give my very first run club session. That was special because l always wanted to teach/coach. I’m a natural cheerleader and l love empowering others to be the best version of themselves. l also love wellness so l am very grateful for this opportunity to co-lead Fly Girl Run Clubs.

Your power tune

I am a music lover so this is a hard one. But l listen to House Gospel Choir to power through, I’m a member of the Beyhive, l love hip hop, house music, soca dancehall, afrobeats and zouk (for those slow solo runs).

Our Advisory Committee


Tiffany is an Education Engagement Coordinator who’s been rolling with the Collective since 2019. She’s completed several races with Fly Girl Collective, including London Marathon in 2024.


Adriana works in comms and joined Fly Girl in 2021 to complete The Big Half. She ran her first marathon in 2023.
Favourite Fly Girl moments
My favourite moment had to be post-run lunches at Borough Market on Saturdays. Or running Hackney Half Marathon with fellow fly girls Grace and Uche. That race felt like a victory lap for me!
Your power tune 
My favorite workout song at the moment is “Running” by David Dallas


Lily attended a Fly Girl fitness session during the pandemic, and she’s been rolling with us ever since. She’ll be running London Marathon in 2025.