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Our women in fitness series is a celebration of fly girls doing fly things. Meet Hannah – a former triple jumper turned spin instructor who went from training for medals to training for life (and she’s doing a brilliant job at it!).

Hannah’s story

I competed as a triple jumper for well over 10 years. I trained and competed to a pretty high standard but stopped due to knee injuries (Patellar tendinitis). After stopping and getting over my knee pain, I enjoyed saying yes to doing the things I’d previously had to sacrifice for training (going out more, going to festivals, having midweek alcoholic beverages and NOT having to wake up and do hill runs on a Sunday morning).

During this time, exercising was weird as I’d only ever trained for medals and performance. I’d never worked out ‘just because’, but I continued doing it because it had been my life for so long. I struggled to let it go. However the more I did it, the more I realised I didn’t have to be training for medals to give training validation. I did it for my health, my sanity and my strength. I love the feeling of lifting something heavy over my head or picking up something heavy from the floor. I just love that feeling of strength. I also do it for my future self.

I’m a year away from 30 and exercise isn’t going to get any easier and the female hormones are not going to get any kinder so I want to be ready for what’s to come. Spinning helped massively as it was the first time I’d pushed myself hard just for the sake of pushing myself and loved it as a space to get inside my own head and allow myself to let loose through exercise while having a laugh at the same time. I’d leave the room feeling like I just wanted to let out a massive YAS! I now teach spin and hope and pray that I’m passing on that feeling.

I teach spin classes at Boom Cycle throughout the week (head to their website to book) and personal train at Equinox. I’m currently training to be a Pilates instructor so by the end of the year I hope to be fully qualified. I want to keep getting better as a Personal Trainer to help people on their journeys and I’m always on the lookout for ways to improve my knowledge. I also want to make better use of social media to connect with other people in this lil’ old fitness community.

Hannah’s fitness and health tips

You really are enough right here right now.

HannahPT, model and spin instructor

You are not a before or after, you just ARE: so why on earth not just be a little bit more you?

HannahPT, model and spin instructor

Music to move to: listen to Hannah’s five dope tracks

Follow Hannah’s fitness journey on her Instagram @hannahfrankson.

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