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Our women in fitness series is a celebration of fly girls doing fly things. Meet Victoria – a fitness instructor on a brilliant mission to get us fit via her bootcamps and Instagram tutorials.

I got into fitness because growing up in a Nigerian family, fitness was never really seen as priority. The only time I saw my dad run was to get to work, the only time I saw my mum lift was when she lifted up her kids and the food, as delicious as it was really wasn’t the healthiest.

I grew up seeing loved ones struggle with their health but I was too young to do anything about it. My mum, who was my biggest supporter, was only 54 when she passed away and this changed me in so many ways. With a million questions in my head, I went out looking for answers and discovered there’s so much more information available to our generation now. We owe it to ourselves to make better choices so that we don’t have the same struggles. I want to help as many people as possible to understand that taking your health and fitness seriously can make a huge difference in the quality of life that you live in later years.


There are so many strong and beautiful women of colour doing amazing things and I salute them all!  But the one that inspired me on my journey has been around longer than almost all of the most popular fitness influencers you can think of. Her name is Ernestine Shepherd. She is a strong and beautiful African-American woman who went on to become a Guinness world record holder as the world’s oldest bodybuilder. The most amazing part of it all is she started her fitness journey when she was 56! Her discipline, focus and determination is something we can all learn from.

I offer my personal training group sessions and bootcamps and 2020 is going to be a big year for us, we have so much planned! We’re starting the year with a new year bootcamp for 8 weeks to help people start their year the way they mean to go on: STRONG! And we’re excited to announce we’re going national with our first ever fitness tour across the UK from April to May.

Then we will be back in June with our Evolve Total Body Bootcamp on a rooftop gym for some more for fitness and fun!

We also have plans to hit the US too so we’re really excited about 2020!

Victoria’s fitness and health tips

To me, being fit and strong is not looking a certain way. Strong is not eating a particular diet. Strong is a mindset, strong is believing in yourself and not letting obstacles stand in your way.

VictoriaPT and fitness instructor

Be confident. Be courageous. Be fearless. Be YOU! You are good enough. You can always work towards your goals and push to get better, but recognise the person you are now and the person you are going to be is strong. That's what's going to keep you going on your fitness journey.

VictoriaPT and fitness instructor

Follow Victoria on Instagram @vfitg.

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