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Our women in fitness series is a celebration of fly girls doing fly things. Meet SJ – she’s a choreographer who’s gone from dancing with Kylie and Kanye to launching her own spin studio, GrooveCycle. Can someone say #bossmoves?

SJ’s story

Four years ago, I developed GrooveCycle through my love and passion for music, dance, fitness, feeling good and my desire to share this with others. I believe that most of us live our lives externally with so many distractions and the fast pace of life. We forget we have a body, mind and soul that we need to take care of while being happy, enjoying life and finding our balance. I started my career as a professional dancer 17 years ago, dancing on stage, TV and video with artists such as Kylie Minogue, Gwen Stefani and Kanye West. I then went on to choreography and creative directing. I choreographed The Rollings Stones’ 50th Anniversary opening concert in the O2. I was also part of the creative team and performed in London’s 2012 Olympics and Paralympics’ closing ceremonies. In my career as a professional dancer, it was important for me to stay fit and healthy.

Alternative routines

When moving into the world of choreography, I looked at alternative methods to maintain my health and fitness routines, other than the dance classes I was teaching. I tried different forms of exercises and realised that music was a must for me, and the connect between the music and movements was super important. The dancer in me had to move in time with the rhythm and vibe of the music. I understand that we all have different abilities and backgrounds but most of our goals are the same – living a healthy and happy life. So I designed a workout that motivates everyone to reach their personal limits, tap into each individual’s emotions and encourage everyone to find their own unique groove. Our classes are for all levels and abilities, we encourage everyone to just do their best and we have a non-judgemental approach. I wasn’t a fan of the idea of a spin class but as I made the connect between the music and riding to the rhythm, this all changed for me. GrooveCycle was born and I also created GC Dance which is our Dance Class on a bike.

When I teach my aim is to motivate and build confidence. I feel dance should be an uplifting experience, great release of everyday stress, source of enjoyment and good for your health. Everyone should and can DANCE……and now you can do it on a bike too. (No More ‘Two Left Feet’ excuses).

This year, I am still getting people grooving with GrooveCycle and looking at the opportunity to expand the company and reach more people to get their groove on. I am also consulting, creating the programmes and training up the instructors for a new boutique studio opening this year in Westfields, London, called First Light. The year is still young so you never know what the rest of the year hold for me as well as the above. Watch this space but it will be full of smiles, health and balance 🙂

SJ’s fitness and health tips

Find your individual inner light and shine every day by finding your balance and being the best version of you, for each moment of your life.

SJFounder of GrooveCycle

It's good to set goals but don't just focus on the end result, focus on enjoying the journey, learn about yourself and make sure you are smiling throughout. So do activities that you enjoy and that gets you motivated, there is enough choice out there.

SJFounder of GrooveCycle

Live in the now and take one step at a time.

SJFounder of GrooveCycle

Try different things as you never know until you try (I said 4 years ago that you would never see me of a spin bike and now look at me).

SJFounder of GrooveCycle

This moment right now is guaranteed, so take the path with least resistance and live a healthy, happy and balanced life - mind, body and spirit.

SJFounder of GrooveCycle

Music to move to: listen to SJ’s five dope tracks

Follow SJ’s fitness journey on her website or Instagram @SJAboboto.

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