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Our women in fitness series is a celebration of fly girls doing fly things. Meet Seema – a fab spin instructor who swapped her corporate gig in PR and Events for a career in helping others escape their days through fitness. She’s now the new ambassador for the Sweaty Betty Selfridges store, but you can also find her serving up mega doses of inspiration and motivation at 1Rebel and Psycle.

Seema’s story

I have always kept fit and enjoyed fitness but ended up taking the corporate route, with a career in PR & Events. After taking a year out at the age of 28, travelling the world, I came back and found it really hard to relate to the work I was doing. It felt meaningless with little reward – but a lot of work.

I was starting to resent my working environment, those I worked with, the job I was doing and ultimately wanted more meaning to my day. I worked in a perceived glamorous job with big brands and celebrity work. One of the accounts was Nike and the team were always in the know of new fitness trends and businesses popping up. A spin studio called Psycle opened around the corner and we were given free passes to trial the classes. After one class I was hooked and it became my weekly escape from my desk… at the same time I met my partner who was really into callisthenics and we started training more intensely and in a way that was new to me and my body.

A year into training, meeting new friends, running my first 10km, enjoying adult gymnastics, and adopting a new relationship with health and fitness, I learnt that Psycle was opening a new studio and looking for instructors. I made the cut! It was in this moment, I went from being the one who escaped her day for some much needed me-time, to the one helping others to escape their days and through movement, reset, release and refocus. I realised that this was what a rewarding job felt like and this was what I wanted. It didn’t take long for me to hand in my notice (which I did as I was buying my first house – eeek!) BUT it was the BEST decision I made 🙏🏽

This year, I’m launching The Pocket Rocket Retreats in October. Starting in Southern Spain, and overlooking Africa, it is for women, by women. It’s an intimate retreat for eight women to escape city life and return feeling stronger, more confident, and empowered to lead a more healthy lifestyle. More information can be found @thepocketrocketpt on Instagram.

Seema’s fitness and health tips

By starting with small but consistent changes you will reap huge benefits.

SeemaFitness coach

Music to move to: listen to Seema’s five dope tracks

Follow Seema’s fitness journey on her Instagram @thepocketrocketpt.

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