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Our women in fitness series is a celebration of fly girls doing fly things. Meet Kim – one-third of the fly fitness squad Food & Lycra, a dynamic fitness instructor (check the tekkers on her Instagram) and a newly-appointed trainer for the almighty Nike (!).

Kim’s story

I was working in a corporate job which had really long hours. I was tired and really uncomfortable in my own skin – I just really wanted a sustainable way to keep my mind and body balanced with each other. So when I heard that my friend Laura (one-third of Food & Lycra) was spending her winter Friday nights working out in a cold park in East London with a bunch of other crazy people (with good music, of course!) I asked her to sign me up! The rest is history. This became my hobby and I haven’t looked back since.

I think my favourite fitness woman of colour and just general favourite fitness person would have to be Joslyn Thompson Rule. She is an amazing woman who is kind and giving but damn she is STRONG and such an inspiration. What a boss! She is definitely someone who needs to be celebrated more. She hosts fitness events to empower women with tools to start their own businesses in fitness and/or get their technique better. She is amazing and we need more of her.


In 2018 we’ve relaunched the Food and Lycra website and we’ve had the chance to be a part of some amazing campaigns like ASOS’ #MoreReasonsToMove and ASICS’ #IMoveMe. Both campaigns celebrate people in fitness who move in different ways and come from all different backgrounds. What I loved about both campaigns is that they are inclusive of everyone, no matter the size, shape, ability, race, colour, gender and/or background. This is something we have represented for the past five years and will continue to for years to come until everyone believes there’s a space for them in fitness.

Kim’s fitness and health tips

Don't worry about results, your body was meant to move. Let it!

KimFitness instructor and PT

Music to move to: listen to Kim’s five dope tracks

Follow Kim’s fitness journey on her Instagram @kimmayco.

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