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Our women in fitness series is a celebration of fly girls doing fly things. Meet Hillary – a uni student, fitness fanatic and bright spark behind TheFemmeSparta – a new female fitness brand created to inspire women to get stronger together.

Hillary’s story

I got into fitness from a young age, starting off with ballet, tap and contemporary dancing.I moved from west London to south, stopped dancing (in the formal sense) and started off with cross-country and athletics. These two sports really pushed my love for individual sports alot! Athletics was my first proper love though, and I practically begged my mum to allow me to start training at my local running club. I continued athletics throughout my secondary school journey, moving from 100m to 200m, enjoying shot-put, discus and long jump as well. It was a rocky journey because my mum really didn’t like me training, especially in winter.

I picked up netball in year 8 and shortly after, lacrosse. By the time I was in year 10, I had already played county level netball and a high level of lacrosse. Fitness was definitely instrumental growing up because it was my piece of sanity in my house (my mum was very much insistent on academics). By sixth form I had stopped all forms of team sport and focused on working out in the gym. The gym was just that place where I could really push myself to become the best version of myself. Once I saw the results it was almost addictive! It definitely instilled the discipline necessary to get through sixth form, and helped me when studies got very intense. Right now in university, gym and lacrosse are the main things I do, but I definitely believe that my extensive experience in sport has made me the person I am today, and has even inspired me to take the leap and create my fitness brand The Femme Sparta (TFS) that is going to take over the world.

For the end of 2018, I am just focusing on promoting TFS in my uni, running classes and engaging girls into fitness and sport. Hopefully by 2019 I would have organised another event to kickstart the year!

Hillary’s fitness and health tips

With enough pressure, a rock can turn into a diamond. Fitness is pushing us to our limits and our bodies can withstand a lot more than what you think...


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