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Our women in fitness series is a celebration of fly girls doing fly things. Meet Harky – a graphic designer who took up running after breaking up with her ex. Since then she’s bossed an ultra duathlon, a bike ride from London to Paris and Ride 100.

Harky’s story

The initial reason (I got into fitness) was ‘OMG I don’t want to be fat’.  I know – quite self-absorbed. But I soon realised it was much deeper than that. I quickly realised how good it actually made me feel. I have always liked to keep fit. Even when I couldn’t afford the gym,  I would run up and down the stairs 100 times, or do the Davina workouts (which were actually really good). I soon got into running because of an ex-boyfriend. When he left, and to heal a broken heart,  I kept the running up. I would cry out all my feelings on these runs while listening to Linkin Park. Running became my saviour and a huge part of my life. Soon after this, I mustered up the courage to join a local running club back home called Spa Striders and I achieved amazing things through running with others. It taught me how much strength and courage I had in me and that limits are not real. I also began doing Insanity to help me for my second marathon. That programme really helped me in becoming even stronger and I love Shaun T. He has such a down-to-earth attitude.

When I moved to London I joined Run Dem Crew and through them, I learned what community and family meant and went on to do even crazier things like an Ultra Duathlon, ride London to Paris and Ride 100.

Fitness has become deeper for me. It is my way of living and I feel really good when I get up and complete a run or do Insanity workout. I would like to thank that ex because if it wasn’t for him getting me into running, I would never have done all these wonderful things and met the most extraordinary people.

I am super excited as I got into Berlin Marathon this year so that will be my priority. My aim is to get into the sub 4 club so all energy will be going into this. Aside from this, the cycling will be there and I really hope I can learn to swim. I started it but stopped because EXCUSES got me. No more though. My main focus is always my art but fitness keeps me grounded.

Harky’s fitness and health tips

Don't be afraid and drop the excuses because you will never start. It is about sweating and having fun.

HarkyGraphic designer

There is no right or wrong way of doing this, just move each day and watch results happen.

HarkyGraphic designer

Be patient with yourself, fitness is a lifetime journey, you are in constant change. Something may work this year for you but next year you want to switch it up to cycling or swimming. Go with the flow but keep moving.

HarkyGraphic designer

Music to move to: listen to Harky’s five dope tracks

Follow Harky’s training – and her awesome art work – at @harkirankkalsi on Instagram.

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