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Our women in fitness series is a celebration of fly girls doing fly things. Meet Eni – a newly-qualified PT who’s championing the power of lifting through her project Barbell Brunch Club.

Eni’s story

I initially got into fitness when I was abroad for a year in France. I did not have much to do outside of classes and wanted to get back to my peak fitness level that I did have during school. That was when I began running round the streets of Strasbourg in my spare time and going to the gym regularly as it was 5 minutes away. Although I had lost weight, I did not understand the importance of nutrition so I trialled many diets to keep the weight off. I had started a blog briefly then, but it wasn’t until 2015 when I really launched Eni’s Lab. The aim was to share my journey with others that may be beginning their journey as I never had anyone to speak to when I started. Now, two years on, I see Eni’s Lab as a knowledge hub where people can go to find health and fitness tips – as well as reviews of classes, products and more.

I am a newly qualified Personal Trainer so I’ve created Eni’s Lab’s Fitness – and my other project Barbell Brunch Club will be holding monthly events in 2018.

Eni’t fitness and health tips

Fitness does not have to be a chore and you only have one life. Look after your health, and dare to try something different!

EniPersonal trainer

Music to move to: listen to Eni’s five dope tracks

Keep up to date with Eni’s ventures by following her at @BarbellBrunchClub, @enis_lab or @enicoreblimey on Instagram.

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