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I don’t know about you, but getting my daily water intake can feel like a MI5-level of Mission Impossible. We all know H2O is important – especially when you’re exercising and sweating buckets. It gives our bods much needed hydration – and helps to flush away nasty wastes from our body.

But how much water do we really need  – and what can I do to make sure I’m getting my ‘drank on’ as much as possible?

Based on government advice, the NHS recommends we drink six to eight glasses a day (1.2 litres) to replace normal water loss. With exercise in the mix, you should obviously aim to drink more (and our bodies are clever enough to let us know when we’re thirsty).

Plus, there’s a heap of other benefits to drinking more water, such as glowing skin, a faster metabolism, more energy, increased brain power,  and better immunity (which means less annoying colds!).

Still, if you’re struggling to chug down the minimum, here are five ways to ensure you get your daily water intake.

Download a water app

Let your smart phone remind you when it’s time to top up. I’m a big fan of Victor Sharov’s MyWater app but there are plenty fun downloads available to help you hit your daily water goal.

Get a fancy water bottle

Sexy water bottles have become the ultimate fit girl/fly girl accessory – and they’re good for the environment. So get your paws on a S’well, Chilly or a Retap, and you won’t need to be reminded to take a swig of water every hour. You’ll want to!

Make a water cocktail

Throw in a couple of cucumber slices and a squidge of lemon to your brand spanking new water bottle  and not only will you have discovered the Holy Grail of Refreshment, but you’ve got yourself one helluva detox drink. To take things up a notch, add some mint leaves.

Drink a glass with every other drink 

If you’re into your teas and coffees at work, make sure you match your cuppas with a glass of the good stuff.  The same rule applies to booze, too.

Eat plenty of water-rich foods

Cucumbers, courgettes and grapefruits are just some of the fruits and vegetables that can help you get more  H2O in your system.

Have any other ideas for drinking more water? Let us know in the comments



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