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Our women in fitness series is a celebration of fly girls doing fly things. Meet Cynthia – she juggles parenthood with running track and teaching pilates, and makes it look like a breeze. Can somebody say ‘phenomenal woman’?

Cynthia’s story

My dad  introduced me to fitness through skipping and stretching when I was young. It was generally an activity we did as a bonding moment. As I got older, running on the treadmill was one of my favourite workouts. Eventually I progressed  to running solo at my local track stadium and outdoors. Then, I felt the urge to be part of a run group and while searching on the internet I found Adidas Runners. I also spoke to a few coaches and decided to join Belgrave Harriers where I do my regular track training.

More recently, I decided to train as a Pilates instructor to become stronger; it compliments my track and everyday training. Also, I’ve noticed there is a lack of representation in the industry catering to everyday consumers – which is a huge contrast to yoga. My goal is to teach and encourage more black women to teach Pilates. But I also aim to teach seasonally in Nigeria and raise awareness of Pilates in my native country.

As a mum, having kids has changed my way of training. I’m now very aware of how I train. I had a C-section with my first child which caused my body to change drastically. My advice to other mums? Once you get the all clear from doctors to begin being active, start off slowly, even if its walking and gradually increase to running. Or perhaps start off with a gentle stretch at home and as time goes by, introduce more exercises.

I want my kids to live an active life so I encourage them to be active. I believe being active preserves life, so I look forward to being as active as I can to spend the most time I can with my family.  I am a hands on sort of mum so sometimes my training times are tailored to fit around my children’s day-to-day activities.  Kids like routine and repetitive actions, so it’s highly beneficial to make every effort to plan your work outs accordingly.

Cynthia’s fitness and health tips

We stay healthy by incorporating any sort of workout into our routine

CynthiaPilates Instructor and Track Athlete

Follow Cynthia’s fitness journey on her Instagram @ms.kensington.

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