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Our women in fitness series is a celebration of fly girls doing fly things. Meet Andi and Kim – a cheerleading duo behind AK Fit Club, which combines their love for skipping and HIIT.

Andi and Kim’s story

We’ve both always been into sports and as cheerleaders, we’ve always been really active, working on getting stronger, more flexible and building our stamina for our sport. As teammates and housemates we love training together and trying new fitness classes. Being big kids at heart and remembering how much we loved skipping games when we were younger, we started to incorporate skipping into our own workouts as it is a great full body exercise and we really enjoyed it. We realised there was a gap in the market for this sort of exercise using skipping in a HIIT class so we decided to start up AK Fit Club and launch our Skip HIIT classes!

We love how happy fitness makes us feel and what a great buzz it is to achieve new goals and learn something new, whether it be a new skipping skill, a faster time, or a heavier weight. Most importantly we want to have fun while being healthy and we wanted to share this with others. It’s a fantastic feeling having people come to our classes, some of whom have never skipped before or even attended an exercise class and to see them progress is really amazing. We have made great friendships through sport and fitness and found that training does not just have to be something you do alone but can also be very social and fun. We love seeing our clients encourage and spur each other on and form a supportive community, and that’s why we love what we do.

Andi and Kim’s fitness and health tips

For us it’s all about taking that first step, focusing on your own journey and not others’, and not to give up!

Andi and KimAK Fit Club

Music to move to: listen to Andi and Kim’s five dope tracks


AK Fit Club run classes  every other Sunday at The Lodge Space in Canada Water and a new Skip HIIT Bootcamp Saturday mornings in Stratford. For more information visit their website

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