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Thank you civil rights activist Marian Wright Edelman and the late great Mahatma Ghandi: by giving the world two of the most earnest quotes about representation, Marian showed why it matters (‘you can’t be what you can’t see’) while Ghandi offered an undeniably brilliant solution (‘be the change you wish to see in the world’). Together, these sayings pretty much sum up why Fly Girl Collective is here – and that’s why a team of women from the Collective will be running The Big Half on 10th March.

For many of them, it’s about personal goals, coming out of their comfort zone and seeking power and accountability in numbers. But collectively, their efforts will be symbolic of what can happen when black and BAME women find support in each other, while also showing the sport and fitness industry that we’re out here, we’re willing, and we’re ready! In other words, we’re being the change we want to see, to hopefully inspire the next generation of fly girls. So, meet the eight women taking part in The Big Half as they share their motivation for getting involved.

Ava Fly Girl Collective


“When presented with the opportunity to run the Big Half with the collective, how could I refuse? Being able to train together and support one another has been such a key part of the journey. I’ve also taken the opportunity to raise money for the brilliant Honeypot Children’s Charity who work to enhance the lives of young careers and vulnerable children.”

Bernita Fly Girl Collective


“I ran my first half marathon in Oct 2018 and while it was difficult, I was proud that I finished a goal I thought wasn’t achievable. I decided to run the Big Half to continue this fitness journey through running. Being an athlete and playing sports majority of my life I’ve found an appreciation for running. I never thought I’d run 13.1 miles and now my goal is to see how I can run it better and even aim for further distances.”

Nadine Fly Girl Collective


“Off the back of the #flygirl30daychallenge in January, I wanted to keep the momentum up and stay true to my new year resolutions and goals for exercise. When the Big Half Marathon was presented, I felt it would be an exciting and incredible milestone to achieve. Through my training, I’m hoping to implement a more disciplined fitness lifestyle.”

Kristin Fly Girl Collective


“One of my goals for 2019 is to do more things outside of my comfort zone, and this race is definitely going to test my limits! But I’m excited about it and so incredibly grateful to be doing it with such a supportive and amazing group of women. They have been my motivation throughout this process and I can’t wait to cross that finish line with the Fly Girl Collective!”

Diana and Emma Fly Girl Collective

Diana and Emma

“I decided to completed the half Marathon to have a big fitness goal to work towards with discipline of small training goals – a challenge for my body and mind.  It’s great doing it part of a collective because you have the accountability and reminders to keep going.”

“I’ve decided to do the big half because of peer pressure! I’m kidding, I wanted to challenge myself to do something I actually never believed that I could. Also I think FGC made it feel like it was actually achievable.”

Karen Fly Girl Collective


“I decided to do The Big Half as I needed a new challenge and wanted to mix up my current fitness regime. I’m hoping the discipline used throughout training can transcend into other areas of my life and that my fitness levels and health continue to improve as a result. I also looking forward to the sense of achievement I’ll feel crossing the finish line.”

Dionne Fly Girl Collective


“I’ve signed up to the Big Half as my pledge for 2019 is to make fitness an integral part of my life. Having completed my first 10k last year I want to push myself further, sow the seed in my own mind that I can indeed run further than I ever thought (maybe a marathon one day like our girl Matilda) and inspire and encourage my daughter of the possibilities when you commit and put your mind to doing something.”

Many thanks to New Balance UK for the kit support!

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