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Welcome to Fly Girl Collective, a running + wellness community for Black women and WOC to thrive and live well

Since 2018, we've been using movement and sisterhood to spark our personal growth, build confidence and boost our physical and mental health

Fly Girl is a safe space and a sisterhood that pushes me to achieve my full potential. I love that this is a group of like-minded women who are kind, passionate about their careers, but also want to incorporate wellness into their lives. That can be through good nutrition, movement, self-care or anything else that enable them to be the best version of themselves. I love growth, challenges and evolution but sometimes l can limit or doubt myself. But with FGC I'm reminded to think bigger, believe in myself, occupy the space, and do the things l am scared of (like a marathon!).

Janice, run leader and member since 2021

What I love most about the collective is that it’s a safe space for black and brown women. Everyone is so encouraging and welcoming, this space allows everyone to show up as their best self.

Adriana, member since 2021

The Fly Girl Collective is beautifully rooted in principles of caring for one another and lifting each other up. Life can throw all sorts at you, but this is a community where you will be seen, heard and celebrated. Black women and women of colour deserve nothing less!

Lily, advisory committee member since 2024