Our women in fitness series is a celebration of fly girls doing fly things. Meet Michelle – a teacher who re-discovered her love for fitness when she moved to the UAE.

Michelle’s story

I moved from the UK to the UAE several years ago and finally achieved the work/life balance I’d always desired. I have been blessed to finish work early during the week, but noticed I began putting on weight due to home sickness. It was then that I decided to start power walking in the evenings and noticed the difference it had on my overall mood. Over time my walking turned into jogging and now, running. I can officially say I’m a runner now!

Even when I didn’t want to work out, I’ve always kept in mind how I would feel once my workout was over. This has always been my motivation. There are plenty of opportunities to keep in shape in the UAE. I take part in a lot of fun, competitive 5 and 10K races throughout the year so this gives me a workout goal and something to train for. I love coming back home during the summer and running in our green London parks, which I would never have thought about doing prior to moving abroad. Running has become a popular workout sport and I’m often encouraged in my fitness journey by others on social media.

I will continue to do more 10K runs , but would also like to challenge myself to a Half Marathon in 2018! I’m currently researching where in the world I would take part in this.

Michelle’s fitness and health tips

You are one workout away from a better mood.


Music to move to: listen to Michelle’s five dope tracks

Follow Michelle’s journey on her Instagram: @travelling_empress

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