Emma Simpson Women in Fitness Fly Girl Collective

Our women in fitness series is a celebration of fly girls doing fly things. Meet Emma – she’s a full-time mum of two who’s built up a serious Instagram following based on her training tips.

Emma’s story

Whilst sport has always featured in my life, I was introduced to “fitness”, specifically strength training at university in the form of Circuit Training. I was overwhelmed at how such a simple concept had the potential to revamp your body and mind with nothing spaed except time ( and a few sore muscles)! Following university, I worked in the investment banking realms in London for 10+ years.  I struggled to stay on the fitness wagon and now with two children ( 1 year and 2 years old) the limitations have further increased. As such, I truly appreciate the challenge of integrating fitness into “life today” and I am passionate about helping others to achieve their fitness goals irrespective of their lifestyle constraints.


Emma’s fitness and health tips

There is never a bad time to start... or to restart. There will always be things going on that go against ones goals... just start.

EmmaPersonal trainer

Stay up to date with Emma’s movements by following her on Instagram @simmofit.

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