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Our women in fitness series is a celebration of fly girls doing fly things. Meet Bhavna – a business owner who kicked off her fitness journey when she hit  the big three-oh.

Bhavna’s story

The moment I hit 30, I  realised I wanted to challenge myself more, and get fit by engaging in other activities. I wanted to be that person that woke up and had exercise in my routine. My journey first started with Zumba because I loved music, rhythm, dance and exercise. I made a promise to myself to go every single Wednesday and Saturday morning, even if I was out the night before. I slowly started to add other elements to my fitness regime such as swimming and cardio, which helped me build a strong foundation.

A year later, my gym was kitted out with new equipment which just looked like a bunch of new toys to play with. I was lucky that trainers showed me how to use the equipment, and encouraged me to use the gym just after my Zumba class as I was in the gym anyway right? Fast forward to six months and I started to get curious about weights and other equipment as I was never a fan of treadmills and being on a machine for more than 10 minutes. In walked in my personal trainer, who I am still with today – Theo. He gave me my very first weights session at the age of 32… which included clean and press, deadlifts and squats. I was in SO MUCH PAIN for a week but I was determined to learn more and push through it.

Bhavna women in fitness Fly Girl Collective

Falling in love with weights

At the time, I started to follow a few accounts on Instagram and had a few other friends into weights. It was helpful to see that girls can train just as hard as men too. I started to work with my trainer every week, and learned a great deal about weight lifting techniques, nutrition and eating. I slowly built up to working out 4-6 times a week, ensuring it was part of my weekly routine, to help me take a step back from working and looking at screens. It was my one hour when I truly switched off and focused on myself as my schedule is extremely hectic with all the work I do with Meebox, UK’s only subscription box for nail lovers. I’m lucky that Theo and I have great rapport, which we still have today. I would have never imagined myself  walking into a weights room, filled with mostly men five years ago. Now, I can’t imagine life without weights. I’ve also replaced Zumba with boxing too (only because I had an amazing teacher who was no longer teaching and Zumba was not the same without her!). I also have an inspiring boxing partner, Holly, who I meet up with every week, making Mondays one of my favourite days of the week.

In the past few years, I have seen a tremendous change in my physique, skin, hair and mental awareness which made me a complete advocate for exercise and eating well. The trick is, to build up slowly as we all have to start from somewhere, have a routine and don’t stop even on days where you feel lazy. Try to find an exercise you’re inspired by that works for you as everyone is different.

Bhavna’s fitness and health tips

My favourite quote is "I'm doing this for me". A lot of people assume that you're in the gym to work out for a holiday or wedding but it's a life-long commitment to yourself. Always dedicate time in the day for you.


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