15 women in fitness you should follow in 2019

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Fly Girl Collective - women in fitness you should follow in 2019

Last year we asked a bunch of fly girls to shoutout their favourite fitness trainers, sport stars and influencers who embody fierceness, authenticity and diversity on social media. So here’s a round-up of the women you should be following in 2019 as they’ll definitely keep you motivated and inspired:


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Bami “Bam Bam Boogie” Kuteyi

“One of my favourite fitness woman of colour, on Instagram right now, has to be Bam Bam Boogie. I love how confident she is and how she is just not afraid to be completely herself. She shows that you can do anything you want if you just let your inhibitions go, express your individuality and just BE and DO you. Her tagline is #formingfearlessfemales – I like what she stands for and the content she puts out shows bravery, originality, fitness and fun!” recommended by Selena Brown-Donkor


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Brittne “ Brittne Babe” Jackson

“She’s the closest thing I can look up to in terms of physique and skin tone! She’s killing the game and she makes calisthenics look so easy. I also love how she is self-made, and she started her fitness journey at a young age.” – recommended by Hillary “The Femmesparta” Nyarko


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Danni “vexyspice”  Mac

“I discovered Danni aka vexyspice through the urban running community as she runs with the Black Roses crew in New York. Just peep her Instagram and you’ll see she’s made major strides as one of the few black female long distance runners in the scene, and I love the fact that she’s truly doing it for the culture. Inspiration on 100!” – recommended by Matilda Egere-Cooper


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DJ Melody Kane

“I like people that keep it in-yer-face-real and that I can relate to.  Melody is just a ray of sunshine, she’s open minded to all types of training and wants people to live their best lives. She can make any beast of an exercise look appealing and she OWNS the weights section in the gym. Something I still need to wear my “mask” for. She literally gives me LIFE!”  – recommended by Sanchia Legister


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Faye Edwards

“She embodies how I feel about health and fitness. It should be FUN & INCLUSIVE! She is fierce, approachable, empowering, an entrepreneur and one bad ass female worth following and being inspired by.” recommended by Seema Parmar


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Geeta Phogat

“She won India’s first ever gold medal in wrestling at the Commonwealth Games in 2010. She is also the first Indian female wrestler to have qualified for the Olympic Summer Games. The Bollywood film, Dangal, about how Geeta’s father trained her and her sister, Babita, and had to overcome many gender-related barriers in the sport to reach where she is today, is a must-see. Geeta is a fierce and strong woman who kicks ass.” – recommended by Mara Hafezi


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Jessamyn Stanley

“Jessamyn talks about her struggles with yoga and the scene with a poetic but no f**** given voice. She also really celebrates her body and talks about issues that some might shy away from.” – recommended by Sanchia Legister


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Joslyn Thompson Rule

“She is an amazing woman who is kind and giving but damn she is STRONG and such an inspiration. What a boss! She is definitely someone who needs to be celebrated more. She hosts fitness events to empower women with tools to start their own businesses in fitness and/or get their technique better. She is amazing and we need more of her.” – recommended by Kim Ngo


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Kim Ngo

“We love Kim Ngo because she is a fierce, strong woman who definitely embodies authenticity, diversity and inclusivity! She’s worked hard to get to where she is and this is really inspirational for us seeing someone who has done the journey that we are on now. Her classes are awesome, she’s so real and motivational and she represents everything we love about women in fitness.” – recommended by AK Fit club


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Kelly Holmes

“She won Olympic gold in the 800m and 1500m. You can’t get much better than that! She has battled through injury and depression and now has her own trust supporting young athletes from disadvantaged backgrounds. Although she has retired from competition she is still putting in the work and training hard. Her instagram is full of useful training tips to make yourself a better runner.” – recommended by Rowanna Bowcutt


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Mapule “queenfitnass”  Ndhlovu

“I love all the videos she does with the latest South African music and dance moves. She just brings a dope vibe that makes me want to work out and makes it fun. Also, she’s seriously fit.” – recommended by Lebo Diseko


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Massy Arias

“She embodies ultimate fitness goals for me! Massy turned to exercise as an outlet to her depression in her early 20s and has not looked back. I’m always motivated to get going when I see her workout posts.” – recommended by Michelle Brown


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Mirna Valerio

She is an amazing runner based in the States. She owns her size, takes no shit and goes and smashes her goals. She also seems super down to earth which I love, always responding to comments. She gives me good vibes and makes me want to push harder.”  –  recommended by Leeanne Adu


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 Roz “The Diva” Mays

She is a pole dancing instructor and certified personal trainer from Brooklyn who inspires people of ALL fitness levels to take a chance on pole dancing. She has a sass that is undeniably apologetic and one of the few people who I come to know that is genuine about the good, bad and ugly about being a plus size athlete. When I think of physical and mental tenacity, I think about her. She’s my fellow uncensored warrior in crime – recommended by Latoya Shauntay Snell


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Serena Williams

“She is so unapologetically herself. She has broken so many barriers and shattered stereotypes of what a champion looks like. Representation matters. Growing up in York in a very white environment, I never quite fit in being the only POC in my whole year at school, but it felt good to see a black woman on TV at the top of her game. Me and my younger sis used to pretend to be Venus and Serena when we would watch them play. She is as inspirational today as she was then.” – recommended by Asha Hibbert

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