Meet the Fly Girl: Kele, Nurse and DJ

By October 1st, 2019Fly Girls
Kele Fly Girl Collective

The Collective is all about community, so in our new series, we introduce you to some of the incredible members who are representing for the gyal dem and learning to live their best lives through health and fitness. Meet Kele, a 28-year-old nurse and DJ who joined the Collective in June.

Why do you run?
Simply, I run to become fitter and healthier.

What’s your favourite song(s) to run to?

Voila by N.E.R.D because I realised I run to the exact beat of the song and that’s quite motivating!

And God Made Me Phunky by MD X-Spress because I LOVE house music. Also it’s like seven mins long and lyrics really keep me going when I want to stop!

What was your first running faux pas?
When I first started running I would always start off really fast, then like 3 mins later I would be hating myself for doing it in the first place! Tip: Start at a slower pace then build it up!

What other sports or fitness activities do you love? 
Only since I joined Fly Girl Collective I’ve gotten interested in spin classes and strength training. I feel after these sessions I’m getting stronger each time.

What’s your favourite or dream destination to run in the world?
Somewhere with beautiful views of the ocean or lakes.

If you could go on a run with anyone, who would it be? 
Honestly it would be the girls in Fly Girl! They all keep me motivated and want to keep challenging myself. Also I’d be out of breath so it’s not like I’d be able to talk too much to anyone famous!

And finally, what’s a life lesson running has taught you?
That I can actually do it! If I put the work in I can achieve the goals I want.

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