Meet the Fly Girl: Kacherelle, Events Manager

By November 1st, 2019Fly Girls

The Collective is all about community, so in our new series, we introduce you to some of the incredible members who are representing for the gyal dem and learning to live their best lives through health and fitness. Meet Kacherelle aka Kach, an events manager who joined the Collective in September 2019.

Why do you run?
I used to hate running back in the day but I’d always have to run as part of my training when I used to be part of the GB team for karate and kickboxing. When I quit for cheerleading, life and maybe a boyfriend (haha) I’d always run every now and again.

Running has always been a safe place for me. It’s something I can do to think about life, reflect on goals, relax and feel good. It’s also free and you can run anywhere in the world as long as you have some shoes and a decent bra.

What’s your favourite song(s) to run to?
Okay, so I don’t really have a favourite song. I have playlists on Spotify which consists of my ‘wakanda forever’ house playlist for when I’m in beast mode, I’m running with my ancestors and I’m feeling good. It’s like my spiritual ‘do it’ music – and who doesn’t love a little bit of house mixed with some African fusion.

What was your first running faux pas?
Thinking that you can only be a true runner if you run a mile within a certain time. I used to beat myself up about being faster all the time. It really started to make my runs uncomfortable, and there would be alot of stopping and starting. Now, I just run so I feel comfortable. My runs last longer and I don’t feel like I’ve just tried to climb the Mount Everest in one hour.

What other sports or fitness activities do you love? 
Karate and kickboxing; I started this at a very young age as I used to get bullied when I was younger for being the only black girl in my area. I started karate and kickboxing as method of self-defence which lead to my love of exercise. I regularly go to the gym, and I love salsa dancing and circuit training.

What’s your favourite or dream destination to run in the world?
Jamaica. I just think it would be so good to run in a place where everyone looks like you – plus you’re near the beach, there’s music everywhere, and you’re fully immersed in your culture. It would just be vibes.

If you could go on a run with anyone, who would it be? 
Probably Oprah Winfrey because if anyone could give you the most wisest of words it has to be Oprah.

And finally, what’s a life lesson running has taught you?
Never have doubt in yourself and never make yourself your own worst enemy. When you start running, you think to yourself you’ll never be able to run a mile. But suddenly you keep going and you learn how to run a mile. Then you learn how to run five miles, 11 miles and it keeps going. Also, you might not see someone like you on TV or in the magazines, but just believe in yourself that you can run and you’ll do it.

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