Meet the Fly Girl: Amani, Social Entrepreneur and Yoga Teacher

By February 2nd, 2020Fly Girls

The Collective is all about community, so in this series, we introduce you to some of the incredible members who are representing for the gyal dem and learning to live their best lives through health and fitness. Meet Amani – a social entrepreneur and yoga teach  who joined the Collective in 2018.

Why do you run?
I’ve always been about health and well-being and love to stay active. I started running years ago in a local country park near where I live. I found it really refreshing. It felt very similar to doing meditation and breath work and it gave me time to be reflective. I run because it feels good and I know that it’s great for the body and mind.

What’s your favourite song(s) to run to?

I don’t have a favourite song to run to; I rotate the genre depending on my mood. It can be anything from Afrobeats to 90s R&B or even Grime.

What was your first running faux pas?
Thinking I should be running a further distance, rather than a lap or two around a park. I learnt that that comes with time and practice. Also realising that you really do need to warm up and cool down before and after your run!

What other sports or fitness activities do you love? 
Yoga, as it was something that I had been practicing long before I became a yoga instructor. It was just something that felt natural to me and really helped me cope with a lot of stress as well as building body strength. I also love a spin class.

What’s your favourite or dream destination to run in the world?
Somewhere hot with beautiful views of nature.

Amani Fly Girl CollectiveIf you could go on a run with anyone, who would it be? 
I can be a little bit reserved so I would like to run alone and take in the views. But I wouldn’t turn down a run with the fly girls though.

And finally, what’s a life lesson running has taught you?
To take your time and literally stay in your own lane as it’s your own journey. We all have our own time frames and we will get to our goal as long as we put the work in. Also, supporting each other is what makes things a little better.

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