Meet the Fly Girl: Addy, Reputation Manager

By September 3rd, 2019Fly Girls
Addy Fly Girl Collective

The Collective is all about community, so in our new series, we introduce you to some of the incredible members who are representing for the gyal dem and learning to live their best lives through health and fitness. Meet Adanma aka Addy, a 32-year-old reputation manager who joined the Collective in April 2018.

Why do you run?
At uni, my rugby coach told me to start running. I didn’t even bother to buy proper running trainers for my first run. I was poorly dressed but I loved it. For me, running is now an act of self love. It’s a regular reminder that I am prepared to carve out time to invest in myself and do something I enjoy.

Also, nothing beats the feeling of the first splashes of water hitting you in a post run shower or the sense of accomplishment as you head off to start your day knowing that whatever happens you’ve already run out a few miles.

What’s your favourite song(s) to run to?
This is so hard as so many songs have got me around at various points over the years. I love running to Hold Your Colour by Pendulum as I’m sentimental. It was the song I played as soon as my alarm went off at uni to get me in the frame of mind to run. It’s so hectic my brain wouldn’t register how early it was.

Gotta Work by Amerie has to be in the mix when I’m doing long runs. After a few hours, you start to question why you’re not on the sofa with your loved ones and that’s when I need her to remind me that Sometimes you’re gonna feel pain like this, Sometimes you gotta work hard for it. The DBT remix has replaced Hold Your Colour as my morning kickstarter song. When it came out I sent it to my little sisters as the song and the lyrics are just energy and confidence. Once I hear it, you can’t tell me I’m not going for a run (and I’ll be back when I’m back).

What was your first running faux pas?
My running “kit”. I didn’t have any running trainers but that was a minor issue. I went out in a pair of oversized grey tracksuit bottoms and a short sleeved t-shirt. My legs and torso felt like they were trapped in a Bikram yoga session and all the fabric got heavier as I ran because of my sweat.

I quickly learned that my body needs maximum ventilation which is why I can be seen running in just a cropped running top and three quarter lengths until at least the first week of December!

What other sports or fitness activities do you love? 
I really like Pilates reformer and yoga. Life can be so busy that we’re not always aware or appreciative of the things our bodies allow us to do. I enjoy the way both disciplines encourage you to engage with your whole body and be aware of how it moves.

What’s your favourite or dream destination to run in the world?
My trainers come with me on all my holidays so I’ve already had the chance to run around Croatia, Berlin, California, Ibiza, Martinique, Mexico, Grenada, Nigeria and Thailand.

Meet the Fly Girl Addy

Addy at our #FlyGirlsDoParis Trip for the Adidas Paris 10k in June 2019

If you could go on a run with anyone, who would it be? 
I’d love to run with my parents. My mum’s a former runner and my dad used to play rugby but circumstances mean they’re not as fit as they used to be. Running with them would mean that I’d achieved my goal of getting them fit and hopefully improved their quality of life, meaning more years of love and laughter.

And finally, what’s a life lesson running has taught you?
There are no shortcuts (sadly). I’ve been injured twice in the last twelve month and I’ve had to accept that the body takes the time it takes to repair. I am incredibly impatient and it’s frustrating to know that you can’t just pick up from where you left off. The journey to recovery is sometimes long and boring but I’m trying to enjoy it.

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