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Finesse Your Wellness Episode #008 – Working Motherhood

What's the reality of being a working mom? And how can mothers, mothers-to-be and mothers-one-day figure it out? Tobi…

Finesse Your Wellness Episode #007 – It’s A Lifestyle

One day we’ll flick through the chapters of black history and discover the name Donna McConnell aka @the_ironempress…

Finesse Your Wellness Episode #006 – The Spin Life

If you've been down with fitness classes long enough, you've likely experienced the joys of step aerobics, Tai…

Finesse Your Wellness Episode #005 – Health Check

In the black community, there are many myths and taboos surrounding our health (which often means we don't…

Finesse Your Wellness Episode #004 – More Than Food

When you think of food, what springs to mind?  Is it just fodder that you eat to live?…

Finesse Your Wellness Episode #003 – Money Matters

The plunging pound! Inflation! Rising interest rates! The cost of living crisis! There's alot of talk about money…

Finesse Your Wellness Episode #002 – Style Power

There's no denying the power in how you present and show up in the world. And the secret…

Finesse Your Wellness Episode #001 – Keep Swimming

95% of Black adults and 80% of Black children in England do not swim, according to the 2020…

7 public spaces in London that are perfect for some downtime

Sometimes the fast-paced London life can get a little overwhelming, but there are plenty of peaceful pockets where…

How can I look after my hair when I’m working out?

Every once in a while, I get into conversations about black women, fitness and hair. Yes, it's a thing, and…
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How to be fly: the definition of a Fly Girl

Whether you're old enough to remember the Grandmaster Flash song,  J-Lo's dance troupe from the '90s or that infamous…
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Fly Girls

Women in fitness: Hannah, PT, model and spin instructor

Our women in fitness series is a celebration of fly girls doing fly things. Meet Hannah – a…