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2019 – A Fly year in numbers

By January 2nd, 2020Uncategorized

Come through 2020! We’re getting ready for an incredible year ahead – but not without reflecting on all the dope things that happened in 2019. Here’s a quick rundown of the year in numbers:


The number of views our BBC Africa video about Fly Girl Collective Season 1 received. BIG


The number of people following us on the 'gram by the end of the year - that's an extra 1,000 more than 2018! You GUYS


The number of medals we collected taking part in The Big Half, Paris 10k, Conquer Crystal Palace and the Olympic Park 10k. Geeeeez


The number of women who turned out to our final Fly Girl Run in 2019! We're all the way up


The number of amazing, gorgeous and FLY season members who all represented for the sisterhood this year. Roll on Season 3...


The number of fab projects we did with the Guardian, Bustle, Maltesers, Stylist and Adidas. Here's to many more in 2020

Big love to everyone for your support– we look forward to reaching more milestones and helping more women discover their best selves through running and fitness!

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