How to Join our November Fly Girl 14 Day Challenge, The Daily J.A.M (just a mile)

By October 28, 2020October 29th, 2020Fly Girl Fit Challenge

Judging by the year we’ve had, anything that keeps us moving and healthy can only be a good thing. So if you’re desperately seeking motivation or need a new fitness goal to work on, The Fly Girl 14 Day Challenge returns this  November with The Daily J.A.M – a 14-day commitment to run or stroll for Just A Mile.

You can jog it, sprint it, crip walk it (or not) – but whatever you do, the Daily J.A.M is a chance to roll your way, at your own pace. And with only a mile to move, you can squeeze it into your schedule, easy!

To stay healthy, the NHS recommends that adults aged 19 to 64 should be active every day,  so committing to 14 days of daily movement could be the start of a beautiful new habit.

So, if you’re game, here’s how to get involved:

1. Let the world know

Accountability is everything! Share the pledge badge on your social media, use the hashtag #flygirl14daychallenge and tag a friend or two who might be game.

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2. Put it in your diary

Choose the time you’ll do your mile each day, and do whatever you can to make it a date!

3. Join the Facebook Event page

4. Get that evidence shot

After each daily activity, share a picture on social media using the hashtags #flygirl14daychallenge

You got this girl!  See you on Sunday, 1st November!


What if I can’t start 1st November? 

Ideally, it’d be great if we can start together, but the point of the challenge is moving 14 days in a row – so even if you start a day later or the next week, the key is to commit to 14 days.

What if I forget to do my mile? 

Set yourself reminders on your phone in advance so you don’t forget – or just add an extra day to the challenge  😉

What if I get injured? 

Bail out. But only commit to the challenge if you know you’re 100% fit.

When’s the next challenge after this one? 

January 2020!

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