We’re practicing self-love with The Daily J.A.M (just a mile)

As February is the month of love, we’re practicing self-love with movement! Join us from Valentine’s Day for the return of  The Daily J.A.M – a 14-day commitment to run or stroll for at least Just A Mile.

It’s a great way to move at your convenience, and  could be the start of a beautiful new fitness habit.

So, if you’re game, here’s how to get involved:

1. Let the world know

Accountability is everything! Share the pledge badge on your social media, use the hashtags #thedailyjam #flygirl14daychallenge – and tag a friend or two who might be game.

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2. Put it in your diary

Choose the time you’ll do your mile (or more) each day, and do whatever you can to make it a date!

3. Join the Facebook Event page

4. Get that evidence shot

After each daily activity, share a picture on social media using the hashtags #thedailyjam #flygirl14daychallenge

You got this girl!  See you on Sunday, 14th February!


What if I can’t start 14th February? 

Ideally, it’d be great if we can start together, but the point of the challenge is moving 14 days in a row – so even if you start a day later or the next week, the key is to commit to 14 days.

What if I forget to do my mile? 

Set yourself reminders on your phone in advance so you don’t forget – or just add an extra day to the challenge  😉

What if I get injured? 

Bail out. But only commit to the challenge if you know you’re 100% fit.

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